Heart Tugs: 9:00am in Preschool Room

Debbie Hellums leads this for children in preschool to learn and grow by shaping their hearts with God’s Word!

Children’s Centershot: 9:00am in Fellowship Hall

Corbin & Jennifer Inman lead this for children ages 6 and older. They are teaching a series that describes the aspects of salvation.

Creating God’s Disciples: 9:00am in Room 101

Pastor Ryan is teaching a series entitled “Conformed to His Image”. This discusses biblical and practical approaches to spiritual formation.

Adult Bible Study: 8:45am in Room 103

This class rotates teachers and is currently studying a series entitled “Jesus’ Fulfillment of Scripture” in the Old and New Testaments.

PRAYER: 6:00pm in Sanctuary

Positive Reassuring Action Yielding Eternal Results. Pastor Ryan is leading this group through a discussion of how to increase their prayer life. They are seeing how prayer can be all that you allow it to be.



Busy Hands: 9:00am in the Annex

This is a women’s group that meets for sewing, crocheting, and quilting. At 11:00am, they have a Bible study, followed by a little lunch.



Adult Bible Study: 6:30pm in Fellowship Hall

Pastor Jim is leading a study of “The Parables of Jesus”. They are searching through all of the parables in the Bible for Jesus’ answers to some of life’s hardest questions.

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade: 6:30pm in Elementary Room

Kisha Scott, Maura Logsdon, Rachel Johnson & Denna Quaite lead this with worship and an activity that explains the Bible.

4th Grade – 5th Grade: 6:30pm in Youth Room

Edie Scott leads this with the “Bible Studies for Life” curriculum that helps them to start over with real-life questions.

6th Grade – 8th Grade: 6:30pm in Room 102

Sherri Emery leads this with the “Bible Studies for Life” curriculum that enables them to point everything to Jesus through real life experiences. They are learning to start over with Jesus.

Student Ministry: 6:30pm in Annex Building

Darrell Emery leads this where the students are learning to deal with real world problems. They discuss solutions to daily issues that arise while living the life of a teenage Christian in today’s society.