Quick Overview
Centershot is an archery ministry that teaches kids the sport of archery while ministering to them the message of Christ. It is taught in 8 weeks sessions.

The purpose is to lead youth to Christ and teach them how to live a correct Christian life. By teaching the students to aim for a target, we then can inform them that Christ is that target in their life.

Why Archery?
Archery is an independent sport that requires a minimum athletic ability. It only requires practice and perseverance. It can build self-esteem, teach discipline, teach patience, and other great skills that can be used for a lifetime!

Centershot Ministries is an outreach ministry that uses the life-skill of archery as a tool that assists¬†the local church to reach its’ community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.¬†As you make your way through this page, you will discover why Centershot is such success and how archery is bringing the entire family back to the local church.